Aquatic centre Background reading

We do a lot of research on aquatic centres and transitioning them from gas systems over to high efficiency heat pumps. In the course of this research we have come across some very useful information that is invaluable if you are trying to piece together the best way forward for the design of a new centre or the retrofit of an existing centre. So start reading: it is a lot cheaper than calling a consultant for their opinion.

Measuring Existing Aquatic Centres

There has been some very good work done on energy usage in aquatic centres in recent years. This work is worthwhile reading to give you a better understanding of other energy systems and centres that may be similar to your council’s centre. 

Independent Consultant Reports – High Efficiency Heat Pumps

At the start of our journey investigating the use of high efficiency heat pumps we had some invaluable input from some independent consultants. These reports are very useful to frame the conversation for laypeople who have not had experience with heat pumps before. 
Jonathan Fryer- Iseco  Heat pumps in Aquatic Centres
Alan Pears AM- Research fellow at RMIT  Heat pumps- application to aquatic centres pdf

Alan Pears AM- Research fellow at RMIT Aquatic Centres and heat pumps Powerpoint

HVAC Systems

A very simple study about air in the pool hall from Portugal
Ventilation in indoor aquatic centres- an AIRAH presentation from 2010 by Jeff Dusting (well worth reading)

Alan Pears AM’s very handy aquatic centre energy calculator


Fully Charged episode- heat pumps
Optimising Aquatic Centre Energy Use with Heat Pumps Webinar-A2EP 17/11/2020
Christchurch Town Hall refurb with Poly-source energy system by Active Refrigeration

Other Useful Reading

ARV aquatic centre study- Benchmarking Energy for Pools –
A guide to improve the efficiency at your YMCA aquatic centre 
Amory Lovins- Integrative design for radical energy efficiency- A2EP Webinar 18 June 2020
Kishore low grade heat- some useful facts around low grade heat sources
Logan City Council LCA air conditioning system- David Spalc case study
Logan City Council air conditioning installation- Scantec case study
iHub Design Studio, hosted by Melbourne University- see the reports here


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