At SmartConsult, we specialise in commercial solar and energy solutions for business owners across all industries as well as work with local councils and state government. Our consulting practice specialises in the following:

  • Feasibility studies for renewable energy and heat pumps
  • Solar system sizing and analysis
  • Hybrid solar, generator, grid and battery systems integration
  • Thermal storage design and control systems
  • Microgrid design and analysis
  • Power factor correction system sizing
  • Network tariff analysis
  • Advanced heat pump and ancillary products analysis and comparison on new and existing buildings

Our recommendations not only save energy, they also save a lot of money and your investment is likely be cash flow positive sooner than you think. With our smart data models, we can tell you exactly when that projected payback will be. 


Our excellent team are fully equipped to solve your energy problems

Our experienced energy analysts and engineers with a dedicated team of technical and sales consultants that work together to ensure our clients are taken care of in all aspects of the process from consulting through to project managing and post installation. 

Energy projects can be complex and when managed correctly, costly and unexpected mistakes are avoided, saving valuable time and capital. At SmartConsult we are aware of this, as we have been brought in on a number of projects to solve issues caused by mismanagement, contractor negligence, and inexperience. We embrace critical thinking and problem solving over a rinse and repeat strategy.

Consulting prior to a project is always recommended to make sure you are installing the most energy efficient solution and approach the best possible solutions for the most return on investment. Sometimes, contractors are not aware of all the technical and regulatory requirements pertaining to large, multifaceted property developments coupled with solar installations or other energy projects. 

Contact SmartConsult for an initial discussion about your project or property development. We can assist you to determine what sort of analysis and results we can deliver including:

  • Modelling and detailed financial analysis and ROI figures
  • Regulatory advice and compliance
  • Technical advice and planning
  • Electrical engineering requirements and design
  • Tender management
  • Assessing design and project scope

Call us on 1300 344 388 to discuss your requirements, request our capability statement or click here to contact us. 

SmartConsult was founded in 1993.
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