Energy efficiency

How Energy Efficient is Your Business?

energy efficiencyEnergy efficiency can be achieved on multiple levels. At SmartConsult our professional consultation team are specialised in analysing and optimizing the following:

  • Overall Energy Efficiency
  • Building Performance
  • Energy Systems Within
  • Function/Process Provided

Through an integrated approach we provide analysis and consultation on:

  • Annual Energy Usage
  • Building Performance Data
  • Cost of Installed Energy Systems
  • Proposal for Performance Measurements and New Energy Systems

Analysis and audits give insight on current energy demand as well as total cost- and performance of the current system in place.

Advice for energy efficient measures

The energy performance analysis is conducted by creating an interactive tool that is directed to suggestions for future feasible energy efficiency measures balancing energy and economical saving. These savings contribute to mitigating the carbon footprint and environmental impact of the building and organisation.

Prepare for the future step by step

energy efficient solutionFull Consultation results aim to optimize the current energy demand using efficient and innovative systems promoting renewable energy sources and improving overall building performance. By reducing energy and management costs, we aim to:

  • Decrease Annual Energy Costs
  • Minimize Environmental Impact by Going Off-Gas and Utilising Renewable Energy
  • Improve Building Durability for Retrofits and New Development Plans
  • Improve Indoor Comfort
  • Preserve Appearance

Consultation on the energy efficiency and performance is bespoke for each organisation. At SmartConsult we understand that each case has its own unique requirements.

We ensure your building, location, area and organisational qualities are utilized and provide consultation to achieve an optimised feasible system. The consult advises on the order of interventions to achieve quick economical savings. 

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