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chasas cooling heating as a serviceCHAAS ‘Cooling Heating As A Service’ changes the ownership model for the heating and cooling industry.

At SmartConsult, we are now able to offer a customer the opportunity to be charged on the basis of how much an energy centre (Heating and A/C Plant) produces in thermal heating and cooling units on a monthly basis. This passes the risk to the energy centre provider and incentivises the supplier to install the most efficient plant possible.

CHAAS is a great option for large energy users currently using gas and separate chillers who need to retrofit their existing facilities to meet either their corporate social responsibility targets or their current systems are end of life. CHAAS is also a great option for green field opportunities.

When an energy centre is installed the inputs kWhE and the outputs kWhT are metered separately and the kWhE is paid for by the energy centre owner as part of the agreed per kWhT fees. The electricity cost may be separately priced based on the source i.e. solar and grid may use different rates.

Other Services and system additions:

SmartConsult can also include a range of other capital items in the energy centre service contract if required. These include:

  1. Thermal Storage
  2. Solar PV
  3. Solar PVT
  4. AHU units
  5. Design and Consulting


SmartConsult has adapted the well accepted CAAS model developed by BASE to include both Thermal Storage, Heating and Cooling in a revised model called CHAAS ‘Cooling Heating As A Service’.

To give the user an incentive to conserve energy, the facility will be encouraged to heat and cool the centre during off-peak periods and or use thermal storage. The incentive for the energy centre supplier is that it needs to be in control of the mix of energy sources to deliver the most economic energy flows to the energy user. Therefore the fewer kWh used to power the energy centre compared to the thermal output represents a profit to the energy centre provider. 

There are many existing examples in Asia like KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) that use this model to pay for cooling and heating services.

About Base

BASE is leading the CaaS Initiative on behalf of K-CEP with the objective to scale-up the demand for efficient, clean cooling systems, through the use and promotion of the innovative CaaS business model. Through the initiative, BASE is creating tools to enable the use of the model and is supporting the implementation of pilot projects in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. To read more about BASE click here

Cooling as a Service (CAAS) is a promising financial instrument to overcome key market barriers to clean and efficient cooling, without upfront investment, with integrated financial tools to recapitalise technology providers. Based on the servitisation concept which is rapidly penetrating other marketplaces, CAAS enables customers to base their investment decision on life-cycle cost rather than on the purchase price of the equipment, benefiting companies, governments and society at a large.

To express your interest in our CHAAS services, please complete the CALLBACK form below with a preferred callback time or click here to contact us. 


High energy efficiency without the huge capital costs!

Using the most effective tools in the business, our initial assessment will show you how much you can save on energy costs and look at whether or not CHAAS is the best solution for your business. To request a report or to discuss Heating Cooling As A Service (CHAAS) call us today on 1300 344 388 or click here to contact us.

At SmartConsult, we specialise in commercial solar and energy solutions for business owners across all industries as well as work with local councils and state government. Our recommendations not only save energy, they also save a lot in costs.

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