STC and LGC Calculator

STC Calculator

With an STC calculator you can calculate your solar rebate. Use the STC calculator below to calculate how many STCs you are eligible for. Enter solar system size (kW) x Postcode Zone Rating x Deeming Period (years) = Number of STCs (rounded down).

The small generation unit calculator (for small-scale solar panel, wind and hydro systems) is designed to assist members of the public to determine the approximate number of small-scale technology certificates (STCs) that may be created under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) in relation to an installation. The calculator is designed as an approximate guide only, and does not provide an accurate assessment of the number of STCs that can be created for an installation.

LGC Calculator

A large-scale generation certificate or LGC are similar to a currency for buying and selling renewable energy.

LGCs regulate the trade of electricity from solar systems sized 100kW and larger. Certificates are created per megawatt hour (MWh) of eligible electricity generated by a given system or power station. This amount of electricity is calculated on a monthly basis using a formula specified by the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Regulator.

This figure is used when applying to claim LGCs, which is typically done on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. If deemed eligible, LGCs are created and added to the REC (renewable energy certificates) Registry.

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