CAAS - Global E-Summit

CAAS Global E-Summit

The Cooling as a Service Global E-Summit took place early December 2020  bringing together 50 speakers to raise awareness of the CaaS model and show how servitisation is transforming cooling across the world.

The Global CaaS E-Summit event highlighted the benefits of servitisation as a way to bring energy-efficient cooling systems to the market, while reducing waste in the industries taking part and generating value for the stakeholders involved. We have picked a number of sessions we recommend watching. Click the play symbol to view each video below. 

CaaS Implementation & Case Study Panel: Part 1

Pre recorded Session E Summit CaaS

CaaS an Appealing Investment Part 1

End-User Perspectives

The Future of Servitisation in an Evolving World

Welcome and Intro to Day 2

Jigar Shah on servitisation

The Future of Servitisation in an Evolving World (Part 2)

CaaS as an Appealing Investment Vehicle Part 2

CaaS Implementation & Case Study Panel: Part 2

CaaS Conclusions

High energy efficiency without the huge capital costs!

Using the most effective tools in the business, our initial assessment will show you how much you can save on energy costs and look at whether or not CHAAS is a good solution for your business. To request a report or to discuss Heating Cooling As A Service (CHAAS) call us today on 1300 344 388 or complete the form below to request a call back.

At SmartConsult, we specialise in commercial solar and energy solutions for business owners across all industries as well as work with local councils and state government. Our recommendations not only save energy, they also save a lot in costs.

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