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How can you improve energy productivity?

smartconsult reportsWhen you allow SmartConsult to conduct a thorough analytical review of where your operations or building currently stands in terms of energy performance and infrastructure, you are then able to review opportunities for improving energy productivity so you can make informed decisions and invest wisely.

The energy performance analysis conducted leads us to provide you with a list of recommendations for future feasible energy efficiency measures balancing energy and economical saving. These savings contribute to mitigating the carbon footprint and environmental impact of your building and organisation.

At SmartConsult, we have written in excess of a hundred reports for businesses across a variety of industries. A sample range of SmartConsult reports available include but are not limited to include the following reports;

Going Off Gas Report

This report is specifically for council staff who are making the case to move off gas and transition to heat pumps. It features an in-depth analysis of the energy consumption of the existing gas system in a centre with a range of alternative heat pump based systems. This report can be presented to managers or councillors who have a basic understanding of the energy systems that are used in the centre.

Going Off Gas and Connecting Up the HVAC System

This report goes one step beyond the ‘Going off Gas report’ and ties in the operation of the HVAC system that services the pool hall. In addition to this the system can include DHW heating and thermal storage. The report goes into detail short of detailed design, however there is still enough information included to allow councils to start the process of transitioning off gas and connecting other services up.

A Shopping List For the Perfect Aquatic Centre

Designing a new aquatic centre? Then you are going to need one of these lists. High efficiency aquatic centres are a different design to existing aquatic centres as the energy consumed is lower, the air flows are less and there needs to be allowance for other plant. All of this needs to be thought of before the designers get too excited about what colour the mermaid on the roof is going to be. This list details some metrics that you need to understand and get comfortable with so that when you go to tender, you know what the terms mean. 

The Aquatic Centre Report:

  • Sets easily understood benchmarks
  • Outlines the no-go areas of design such as skylights, separated plant and thermally opposed areas in the building
  • Includes training for councils that require it

Click here to read more about our aquatic centre reports. To discuss any of the above reports for your organisation complete the call back form below or call SmartConsult on 1300 344 388.

In addition to reports, we also offer a wide range of energy consulting and reports can be tailored to suit specific requirements.

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