SmartConsult can accurately determine your site power factor by processing and assessing your interval data and kW to kVA ratio.

SmartConsult also have the tools to correctly size the PFC unit your site requires. We are constantly finding sites with incorrectly sized power factor units installed by contractors that do not know how to process the data correctly. If you are paying kVA charges on your bill, if you have an inefficient power factor, then SmartConsult can save you considerable costs otherwise wasted, by correctly sizing and installing a PFC unit!

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A high power factor is generally desirable in a power delivery system to reduce losses and improve voltage regulation at the load.Individual electrical customers who are charged by their utility for low power factor may install correction equipment to increase their power factor so as to reduce costs.

Power factor correction brings the power factor of an AC power circuit closer to 1 by supplying or absorbing reactive power, adding capacitors or inductors that act to cancel the inductive or capacitive effects of the load, respectively. In the case of offsetting the inductive effect of motor loads, capacitors can be locally connected. These capacitors help to generate reactive power to meet the demand of the inductive loads. This will keep that reactive power from having to flow all the way from the utility generator to the load.

An automatic power factor correction unit consists of a number of capacitors that are switched by means of contactors. These contactors are controlled by a regulator that measures power factor in an electrical network. Depending on the load and power factor of the network, the power factor controller will switch the necessary blocks of capacitors in steps to make sure the power factor stays as close to parity of 1.

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