How Much Would You Save On the Right Tariff?

network tariff reconfiguration

So many businesses are paying way too much for their electricity just by being on the wrong tariff. By switching tariffs, you may get an instant cost reduction without the need to change your energy provider. Most businesses are not even aware of this and do not speak to their provider about it. 

At SmartConsult, network reconfiguration and renegotiation with your provider is just one of the ways we can save our clients money on their energy bill. There are also other strategies we can suggest as we review your interval data allowing us to take a closer look so we can find out when you are using electricity and how you are using electricity.

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Electricity Is Charged In Two Parts

  • save money on electricity with tariff reconfiguration  Network charges (poles and wires)
  •  Retailer charges –  what you are charged from AGL, Origin etc

SmartConsult specialises in the optimisation of  the network tariff component and has a successful track record in making significant savings through adjusting the network tariffs for our clients. We have developed complex in-house systems that analyse your meter data (where available) and calculate annual network charges based on your electricity usage.

We then match your load profile against other network tariffs that may be applicable for your site and compare annual costs. If a more applicable (cheaper) tariff is found then we will prepare formal submission to the local distributor to have the site network tariff changed. If you are on a demand tariff, we also review demand data to ensure your contract demand matches your demand profile. If your contract demand is too high then we can formally request a demand reset through the local distributor.

To get started and get an initial free assessment, all you need to do is complete a letter of authority form. This form allows SmartConsult to receive information from your current energy retailer allowing us to analyse your data for cost savings. Click here to complete the form online and find out how much you can save or call us on 1300 344 388. To read more about our services click here

SmartConsult offer a free initial analysis to find out how much you could save! Then the choice is yours how you proceed.

No Savings . . . No Fee!

Any savings we find are guaranteed through a success only engagement. This guarantees our clients a no lose scenario. Unlike other energy consulting firms, SmartConsult fees are once off which means the savings we find are yours to keep year after year.

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