At SmartConsult, we specialise in energy intelligence. As well as designing and installing commercial Solar PV Systems, we also design Custom Energy Solutions including heating and cooling for businesses and government entities to maximise energy efficiency and cost savings.



At SmartConsult we specialise in Energy Intelligence Services to help reduce environmental impact, reach climate goals, and achieve higher energy efficiency for any type of organisation.

Our team of professional data analysts and engineers together with a wide range of partners, inform and advise on any energy related investment decision and provide data that captures financial returns and energy saving to improve business productivity and reduce environmental impact.

Our international team contribute to delivering an integrated innovative approach so organisations can become front runners within their field and achieve global climate goals through contribution of energy transitions and ultimate optimisation to minimize energy usage in specific industries.
Together with our clients we deliver a broad range of services and consulting opportunities for commercial, industrial and community facilities throughout all of Australia.

Save energy – save money with SmartConsult.


Recent Projects

“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.”

Live Data – Australia Electricity Generation

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