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Getting Technical with Passivhaus

The Passivhaus Institute in Germany has been good enough to publish the studies that they have undertaken to detail the design and construction of the Lunen and Bamberg aquatic centres. These centres were built in 2011 and have had extensive analysis of the centres undertaken to determine the most efficient design for the buildings and also to further develop areas for enhancement of the systems used for future projects.

If you have any interest in high efficiency aquatic centre design, these reports are ‘must’ reading as they give councils a strong gameplan for what is required for planning these centres and the goals that need to be set to achieve low energy usage centres.

The originals of the reports are available here however they are in German and need to be translated. To save councils time, we have translated these reports however the translations have not changed the text and labels in the images (as one would expect!). The other issue with the reports is that the translation gets a few things sideways. ‘Aquatic Centre’ in German turns into ‘Bathroom’. However there is enough detail in the reports to give you a good idea of what they are talking about. 

For further information you can contact Passivehouse Australia who would be happy to assist you with more information and you may want to join up with them to support their work.
Lunen- Planning a Passivhaus pool 
Lunen- Monitoring report
Bamberg- Monitoring report
Exeter Aquatic Centre- article on new build

There are a few other reports and projects on this topic that we keep on file. Contact us if you would like more information about these centres and we can forward them to you.

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