Commercial Solar

At SmartConsult, we deliver energy efficient solutions not just commercial solar. With our expertise and experience along with the reliable tools we use, we get to know your business and how it operates to determine the best possible solution to maximise energy efficiency so you can save the most money today and in the future. 

For a free initial energy assessment and a commercial solar proposal click here to complete the form. We will provide you with a tailored solution for your business and can take care of  everything from the start to the finish. 

Custom Solutions to suit your budget

SmartConsult utilise the most advanced analytical programs and simulators available within the industry: other energy vendors are unable to provide tailored cash flow positive solutions that can be trusted.

We have the capability to model your energy usage

SmartConsult carefully model and size each and every custom solar PV and PFC solution we recommend to our clients. This modelling is generated by analysing your electricity charges and historical 30-minute interval data records. This enables us to calculate the Power Factor efficiency and simulate the actual consumption profile.

We have the experience your project demands

SmartConsult are experienced energy analysts and engineers with a dedicated team of technical and sales consultants that work together to ensure our clients are taken care of in all aspects of the process. We will ensure you get what you pay for.

We are accredited with the certifications that matter

SmartConsult in conjunction with our CEC accredited installation partners and team of electricians offer complete EPCC/Turnkey solutions fully installed with no more to pay. Our work is guaranteed and all our products CEC approved and come with industry leading product warranties directly serviced by the manufacturer via their Australian offices.

commercial solar quote

How We Quote Your Project

Step 1

A member of our SmartConsult team will conduct a preliminary site inspection and assessment of your roof and electrical system and transformer location.

Step 2

During the site visit, our consultant will take copies of your last three electricity bills and retail tariff agreement.

Step 3

You sign the authorisation form for your electricity retailer to release your interval data in the form of csv file to us. Click here to complete the form. 

Step 4

Our technical consultants will then process and analyse the data and provide a detailed energy assessment and proposal for your consideration.

Do you need help with any of this work?

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