Zinc8 zinc-Air Batteries

What is a Zinc-Air battery

Flow batteries have been around along time: the first flow battery was used to power an airship. However things have progressed since then and now flow batteries are being used where ‘slow burn’ energy is required, such as for mobile towers, fans, pumps and lighting. Zinc 8 batteries have the ability to store large amounts of energy relative to the fuel cell. This gives them the ability to soak up the ‘spill’ from solar PV systems effectively and at a low cost comparted to lithium batteries.

The other characteristic of flow batteries is the extended life of these batteries: around 25 years. As they are using a liquid that can be stored without degradation, these batteries can be left fully charged for extended periods and not lose charge which sets them apart from most batteries.

At SmartConsult, we have officially agreed to explore joint-venture projects concerning the deployment of Zinc8 Energy Solutions patented Zinc-Air Energy Storage System. Our main focus for Zinc8’s Zinc-Air Energy Storage System is applications at aquatic centres, remote mines and behind-the-meter applications across Australia. 

This flow battery is the lowest cost of storage in the market for long-duration applications. This solution resolves intermittent and unpredictable nature of renewable energy sources while completely decoupling the linkage between power and energy. To enquire about the Zinc 8 battery, complete the call back form below or click here to contact us.

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