The Benefits of Business Energy Consulting

energy consultantAs the old adage goes “A penny saved is a penny earned” but when it comes to energy consulting it’s going to cost a lot of money right? No – not necessarily.

Hiring an energy consultant ought to save you a lot money, and if it doesn’t – something isn’t right.

Yes, there will be a fee involved but what an energy consultant is able to save you, is going to far outweigh any consultancy cost involved. This is especially true if they are industry experts and data analysts who are genuine leaders in their field.

The old outdated belief that consultants bill too much for writing long reports is just that, old and out of date and never going to serve anyone well. A shift in mindset maybe all that is needed to benefit. A business energy consultant will do more than save just pennies or cents.

How much will an energy consultant save?

business energy consultingEvery business is assessed on a case by case basis as there are too many variables to put a figure on it. What you may be looking at is an energy cost saving of somewhere between 15-25% off your bill per year and even up to 66% per year. Click here to view case study. Another thing to remember is that solar will bring cash flow positive returns from year one. The cash flow positive returns also increase after the finance term is complete, if finance is used. 

If you are a business using more than 150kWh per day or electricity, and you believe your power bills are too high, you may be able to save money instantly through power factor correction and tariff reconfiguration, especially if your business is on an outdated tariff – and you may not even have to change your energy provider.

What an energy consultant can do is review where you are now, review the opportunities for your business for the best possible savings and suggest solutions supported by data. With an energy assessment you will be shown exactly how much money you can save, when you will be cash flow positive (and sometimes this is even on the day of installation) and you will be shown exactly when your payback will be. Even if you feel you are not ready for solar just yet, you can still benefit from energy consulting. An energy consultant can renegotiate tariffs, contracts and do the negotiating for you.

If you are open to opportunities to save money in the long-term AND add value to your business, a solar system offers a high return on investment. It offers a better return than any other low risk investment.

At SmartConsult we offer commercial solar from system design through to installation and beyond. Our policy is no savings – no fee! Contact us for an assessment today or click here to apply.

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