Siddall Chicken Farm

Langhorne Creek S.A. Solar, PFC, Generator Control System

We have recently completed a three-way integrated system (Solar + PFC + Generator with Grid) for a Broiler Chicken Farm at Langhorne Creek in South Australia. This solution has reduced overall energy costs by 66% or approximately $100,000 p.a. A similar solution may suit your operations.

Potential Integrated solutions include:

  • New Integrated Switchboard incorporating smart controls for both greenfield sites and/or upgrades of existing sites
  • Solar PV Systems with optimised panel arrays
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • Utilizing Generators for peak demand reduction
  • Customised Load Controllers allowing the Generator, Grid & Solar to work simultaneously
  • Battery storage solutions
  • HV Network Tariff reconfiguration & optimisation

Our solutions reduce power usage and demand peaks to allow for existing sites to expand without the need for expensive transformer and electricity infrastructure upgrades. This also applies to greenfield sites allowing for lower electricity infrastructure costs. Click here to view the full case study.

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