Solar Not Just for Summer

solarWhy is winter a good time to install solar? Firstly, we would like to say that any time is a good time to install solar. A solar installation saves a business money, from the very second its installed as a cash flow positive solution.

While you may not need to the air con, heating is just as expensive as cooling, and you will be surprised how much clear sun is available in the Winter months. 

On our website we have some tools freely available that will help you estimate sun hours for a solar system as well as look up your energy distributor. Our sun hours calculator is an extremely useful tool so you can see how much sun is estimated in your area even in a particular month.

If you get a commercial solar system installed for your business by 30th June you can claim it on your tax as an instant asset write off. Plus, you can take advantage of the rebates available for business as these will change in the summer months. In the tools section of our website you can also find an STC calculator to calculate your solar rebate.

You can also access our LGC calculator. A large-scale generation certificate (or LGC) are similar to a currency for buying and selling renewable energy.

Your order will help us plant more trees where they are most needed. With World Environment Day this month, we are supporting a worthwhile reforestation initiative planting trees in Australia through ‘One Tree Planted’ an organisation supporting tree planting initiatives worldwide. For every order placed in June, we will donate 100 trees!

With our expertise and experience along with the reliable tools we use, we get to know your business and how it operates to determine the best possible solution to maximise energy efficiency so you can save the most money today and in the future. To read more about our commercial solar services, click here.

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