Pay Five Times Less for Pool Heating

pool heatingPool heating is expensive. With gas prices rising, the cost of running the heating systems for swimming pools are becoming more and more expensive, especially for outdoor pools. 

Currently running a gas system for pool heating is five times more expensive per year then going onto an electrified heating solution – so what’s the answer?

There are a variety of options available. Our team at SmartConsult are only too happy to speak with you and arrange a site visit by one of our sustainability engineers. 

With winter coming, it’s a good time to change your heat source replacing the gas system, which is usually paid back within 6-12 months. 

Your infrastructure for transitioning from gas may need to be radically adapted or replaced. For example, your pipelines may need to bigger, or you may require a heat exchanger. These things may greatly affect the cost of installation. 

Understanding the transition from various perspectives and appreciating the requirements and design directions by all involved parties is an important enabler of integrated design and it is most certainly worth the review. The capital cost involved might seem high at first, but when you take a closer look at the numbers, you can see the advantages and payback over time especially with a transition being inevitable. 

Aquatic centres are high energy use buildings that are typically not very well understood by designers and engineers and the energy productivity potential for a transition away from gas is huge. To read more click here.

When it comes the comparison of aquatic centres  – it’s all about the numbers. At SmartConsult, we recently completed a case study for an aquatic centre in South Australia. The centre is approximately 25 years old and suffers from the usual catastrophic heat loss from the building envelope which is common with these older aquatic centre designs. To read more about this case study click here.

Call 1300 344 388 for a free 30-minute initial consultation to discuss pool heating solutions or click here to arrange a call back appointment. 

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