Getting Off Gas with Heat Pumps

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This month we installed heat pumps for a hotel client in Palm Meadows, Carrara. The issue for the client was to make the guests happy who with a warm pool in the winter to swim in at the resort. Our client also wanted a quick turnaround, so from purchase order to installation, it was less than 2 weeks. 

Our client had looked into replacing the gas-based heating system that was last used 2 years ago, which cost a small fortune to run at over $70,000 PA, at the current gas prices.

Our SmartConsult Environmental Engineer and Consultant, Roxy, suggested a heating system using five commercial heat pumps which could be run from the existing switchboard without an upgrade being required. This also allows for the existing solar to be used more efficiently.

How the heat pump journey began

To begin the process, our Consultant and Engineer carried out a series of onsite inspections. The first one to initiate and make estimated costings and the second site inspection we attended with the installers to inspect and investigate where the best location for the installation would be.

The new system was heating the pool in excess of 28 degrees within 2 days after the system was installed, satisfying guests expectations.

Despite the investment cost being five times higher than installing conventional gas heaters, the running cost is eight to ten times lower. With this being said, the system will pay itself back within 8-10 months. So instead of paying $73K per year to heat the resort pool, the client will now pay around $10,000 per year which is a huge difference. This can be further lowered by installing more solar, which we have recommended.

Many other hotels can achieve the same results with 12 months payback as the very highest indication.

To discuss the best pool heating options for your premises, call 1300 344 388 to arrange a free 30-minute initial consultation with our Consultant or click here to arrange a call back appointment.

To read more about paying five to eight times less for pool heating click here to read our article. To read a comparison for aquatic centres click here.

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