Renewable Energy Supply Soars in the UK

uk renewable energy wind farm Well done Great Britain! With renewables accounting for up to 59.43% of daily generation, power grid emissions are now hitting record lows in the UK.

These new statistics published by Drax Electric Insights who provides information on how Great Britain is powered, sourcing its data from Elexon, National Grid, and Sheffield Solar – the 23rd May 2020 was reported as the lowest-carbon day ever in the history of Great Britain’s electricity grid.

With carbon emissions dropping to a record low in the UK and renewable energy supply soaring, a record height of 65% of the country’s total demand was recorded.

It looks like Great Britain’s recent investment in offshore wind power is starting to pay off, they are catching up and generating a lot of jobs that are much needed supporting the economy, and this is just the beginning.

This is a very promising sign and there is no reason why Australia cannot follow suit. The Zero Carbon Australia research program by Beyond Zero Australia reports how each major emitting sector of the economy can achieve zero emissions stating that it is indeed achievable and affordable now and Australia can thrive in zero carbon world. We still have a long way to go to move away from fossil fuels but progress is being made and the future is bright.

At SmartConsult we provide energy efficient solutions for businesses and Government entitles to help shift towards renewables and move away from gas in the most energy efficient way.

At SmartConsult we assess businesses across a variety of industries, including agri-businesses as well as offering energy assessments for aquatic centres addressing heating and cooling with tailored Poly-Sourced Energy Systems. 

An investment in renewables may cost more initially, but lets also remember, there are government incentives on offer as well so there’s never been a better time to make the change. The operational costs will be lower, and the savings will provide a good return on this capital investment over time. We have all the tools to calculate this data on a case by case basis. Many of our clients are cash flow positive after a few months and some are cash flow positive as soon as the new energy system is installed.

For a complimentary energy review and a commercial solar assessment and proposal for your business click here to contact us today. To read more about the Drax Insights  click here

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