Industrial Process Heat Pump Update

Industrial Process Heat Pump UpdateWith the enormous potential for industrial heat pumps to improve energy productivity and reduce energy costs, it was essential to develop a tool to assist energy and engineering managers to select the right heat pumps for their applications. Every business is case-by-case but it is important to have a starting point and know where a manager can begin.

This is why, at SmartConsult we developed a tool together with pitt&sherry and to help with the heat pump selection process. So how did the tool go? Was it effective when it was applied in an actual industry scenario?

It looks like we are about to be updated this week as The Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP) present an event on industrial process heat pumps this coming Thursday 18th March.

This event is a follow on from a previous A2EP heat pumps session as part of the National Energy Efficiency Conference held last October. At the event the potential for industrial heat pumps to help phase out gas and decarbonise the industry was explored in depth.

In this previous session, Jarrod Leak, CEO of The A2EP discussed The A2EP’s work on heat pumps with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and presented the Heat Pump Selection Guide and Estimator that SmartConsult developed together with Pitt & Sherry and industry partners AMPC and Mayekawa Australia. See the blog post about the previous event here.

The zoom event happening this week to be hosted by Jarod Leak will include a walk-through of the heat pump selection guide and how it was put to use.

The event will feature Dr Veronika Wilk from the Austrian Institute of Technology who will present on heat pump integration with industrial drying processes.  

Also presenting at the event will be Jon Fettes from Regenerate Engineering and Michael Bellstedt from Minus40 who will be discussing a feasibility study the firm carried out for 3 Ravens Brewery, looking at using heat pumps at their facility to improve energy productivity.

Also, Bill McGhie from Simble will discuss monitoring options for industrial heat pumps and Jon Fettes and Regenerate Engineering Pty Ltd team identified in a feasibility study for Melbourne’s 3 Ravens Brewery, which included looking at heat pumps to reduce costs and energy related emissions. To read more about the vent and to register click here.

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