Commercial Laundry Energy Solutions

Commercial Laundry Energy SolutionsA commercial laundry can use a substantial amount of energy and they can often have a lot potential for energy savings through improved energy efficiency.

With all the excess heat that is produced, it can’t be an easy place to work, especially in our Australian climate. This makes it very important to look at a suitable combined solution to provide a much-improved working environment.

It is first necessary to carry out an energy audit of the water and energy systems in place to see where the energy saving opportunities lie. Once an energy assessment has been carried out we can then design a solution that will have the most optimal impact in terms of cost, energy consumption as well as improving environmental comfort for workers.  

The problem with a lot of the equipment in laundries is that they are made in Europe where the climate is generally cooler, so this equipment isn’t suited to our Australian market.   

The outcome of a tailored energy reduction solution will result in;

  • Energy and cost savings
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Improved environmental performance

Tailored Laundry Solutions

At SmartConsult we develop tailored solutions for an individual laundry and manage the project from an initial laundry assessment to the commissioning and data analysis projection of the savings.

The costs, savings and payback periods for the energy saving options are provided as part of our energy review.

The data analysis we provide will include estimates of up-front costs such as capital, equipment and installation and will also look at running costs and the projected future cost savings of these.

The recommendations we put forward will depend on the nature and size of your business and the scale of application. We will also be sure our energy reduction recommendations for a laundry comply with local environment, safety and other requirements. Even if you have considered similar actions in the past, they are likely to be more cost effective today since the cost of many technologies has reduced, while at the same time the cost of energy has increased.

At SmartConsult, our team are passionate about helping laundries to reduce their water and energy consumption making the world cleaner, and providing a healthier environment protecting people and our vital resources. Click here to contact us to discuss a custom solution for your laundry.

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