Dinesh Master Of Data Science

dinesh master of data science Our SmartConsult team member Systems Analyst Dinesh Duraisamy has graduated with a Masters Of Information Technology, majoring in Data Science from QUT at the Gardens Point campus. Studying subjects like advanced Artificial Intelligence and data analytics, Dinesh completed his research paper on blockchain technology in solar.

Dinesh previously achieved a BA in Technology majoring in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Central University in Pondicherry in South India.

Celebrating with Dinesh were his parents who attended the event via zoom at the graduation event held at Queensland Performing Arts Centre in Southbank, Brisbane. Dinesh is the first Masters degree graduate in his family and his parents were very proud.

Growing up in Pondicherry, Dinesh began his University journey to become an engineer as he first had a particular interest in space technology in the earlier days. He then changed his desire to move into the engineering of automobiles using renewable energy. As part of his BA degree, he took part in a project developing a hybrid solar e-bike. The e-bike won an award and he and his group of peers received a cash reward.

Dinesh has been a SmartConsult team member as a graduate working on both electrical solar design and CRM integrations and taking care of all the software administration. During his time with SmartConsult he has learned Auto CAD and other software related to polar panel installations.

Dinesh said; “Working with SmartConsult has been a good experience, this is my first job since graduating. I am happy to start working in an area directly related to my Masters. Also, I have been learning how to complete solar designs and I am gaining other electrical related knowledge related to my Bachelors. I am very happy I can work on projects related to both of my degrees”.

In five years’ time, Dinesh hope to be working in the renewable energy field where he can explore and work with the latest technologies and be a decision maker in one of the major processes.

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