The Abstract Language Of Engineers

understanding engineeringUnderstanding how an engineers’ mind works is one thing, but understanding how they speak can be quite another. Engineers have their own language it’s a fair point, as they can be known to describe things in an abstract way. We should know as we currently have four in-house at SmartConsult!

When it comes to finding the right engineering solutions and making the right engineering decisions, it is very important that we understand what they are recommending in the first place. We are unlikely to make a decision at all if we cannot fully grasp the solution on the table.

At SmartConsult we want to make it easier for local councils by equipping them with specific technical support specific to aquatic centres.

We offer an Aquatic Centre Introduction which comprises of a 45-minute introduction to Australian aquatic centres focused on energy: how they are currently operated and where they should be headed. This is open to all council staff that are interested and there is no charge.

Then we have an Aquatic Centre Tutorial which is a 3-part tutorial for aquatic centre staff, engineers and sustainability officers to dive deeper into current thinking on aquatic centres, refrigerants and the numbers behind high efficiency centres.

At the end of this session attendees should be able to:

  • understand and converse with refrigeration engineers
  • have a basic understanding of the heat pumps available on the market and work out which heat pumps are suitable
  • understand refrigerants and what is happening with the phase-down regime underway
  • understand what a high efficiency aquatic centre looks like and the metrics around it

Each session in the tutorial includes a Q and A and participants are tested on their understanding, as each session builds on the next. If you want to save a lot of money on consultants fees, this is where to start to build your inhouse expertise. The cost of this is $3600 + GST for unlimited staff and support.

Aquatic Centre Energy Analysis

At SmartConsult we also offer Aquatic Centre Energy Analysis. These aquatic centre specific energy reports analyse current energy usage, model the introduction of heat pumps and provide a sequenced pathway for upgrades to reduce energy consumption. We focus on the lifespan of the centres and consider the best progression that is optimal and possible, with regards to budget, for the council. We encourage councils to make these reports available to other councils so that they can benchmark their centres more readily and plan better for their assets.

These reports take around 4 weeks to prepare and include:

  • analysis of existing energy consumption
  • a site visit to analyse existing plant on site
  • log size and lifespan of existing plant
  • recommendations for upgrades and modifications of existing systems

The cost for these reports starts at $8700 + GST for a medium sized centre and we can provide you with pricing for larger centres. To view examples of these reports click here

If you require any further information, please complete the form below to book an appointment or click here to contact SmartConsult.

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