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Our Planet, Our Responsibility

Since a number of our SmartConsult team watched the amazing; ‘A Life On Our Planet’ with David Attenborough, there has been some interesting not to mention inspiring conversations in circulation amongst our staff and our conscious communities.   Most of our staff are passionate about environmental conservation, and renewable energy and the great thing about …

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Abrupt Transition From Coal to Renewables in Southern US

Southern U.S States close more coal fired power stations and power ahead with the transition from fossil fuels to renewable power generation WITHOUT Gas as a bridging fuel! The Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis has reported that major U.S utilities are locking in plans for acceleration into renewables, which completely contradicts empty political …

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The Three “E’s” Do Not Align With Coal

The three “E’s” – economics, environment, and engineering, do not align with coal, anymore.  While coal was critical and pivotal in the progression of the civilised world, it had its place, but now we must support the re-skilling and employment transition for workers in that outdated industry to the industries of now and the future. …

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