The Three “E’s” Do Not Align With Coal

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The three “E’s” – economics, environment, and engineering, do not align with coal, anymore.  While coal was critical and pivotal in the progression of the civilised world, it had its place, but now we must support the re-skilling and employment transition for workers in that outdated industry to the industries of now and the future. This will help Australia keep its first world lifestyle.

At SmartConsult, we work with leading engineers across Australia on a daily basis – every one of those experienced engineers have said that from an engineering and economic perspective, a transition to a reliable, decentralised, grid powered from renewables, storage and demand management, is totally achievable. This transition is achievable in NSW but it is also achievable in every other State of Australia.

While New South Wales is still highly dependent on coal-fired generation (75 per cent usage in the past 12 months), Energy Minister Matt Keen believes NSW can become a renewable energy superpower and an economic superpower too.

In the latest Energy Insiders podcast episode with Matt Keen, Liberal MP in the conservative Berejiklian government, Keen tells Renew Economy;

“We have some of the best renewable resources you’ll find anywhere on the planet. We’ve got great sun, great wind. And guess what? We’ve got the ability to have a lot of pumped hydro”.

He also goes on to say “We’re well placed to be an energy superpower. The flow on effect from that means cheaper bills for consumers. Cheaper bills for business (and) more opportunities here. And the creation of jobs with businesses that are energy intensive. To read the original article in full click here.

Put simply, lets not waste any more time and continue our progress towards using renewable energy and natural refrigerants for a zero or at least a lower GWP and ODP, to ensure we meet our commitment towards our international commitment to the Kigali Amendment. Not only is this better for the environment, but it will also save a substantial amount of energy and of course, a substantial amount of dollars in running costs.

As specialists in data analysis, and reverse engineering we provide businesses and government entities with significant energy efficiency solutions to save the most energy and save the most money outlining capital investment options and projected running costs in the coming years.

At SmartConsult we will deliver a detailed feasibility report and cost-benefit analysis specific with a range of options showing you the savings available right now to see which options would suit best support your operations.

If you require a complimentary energy audit and assessment for your business or organisation click here to contact us . 

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