Interview with SmartConsult’s new recruit Roxy

roxy environmental engineerWe are pleased to announce a new member of the SmartConsult team; Roxy Diephuis. Roxy is an environmental engineer from the Netherlands and has a Bachelor of Science in engineering (Bsc) in Spatial Development and Climate and Management from The Hague University.

We caught up with Roxy on the couch to ask her a bit about her background and the types of projects she will be working on at SmartConsult. Click to view the video below. 

All our team members bring their own unique set of skills and Roxy brings with her a good understanding of sustainable buildings taking an integrated approach to mitigation and adaptation. Roxy joins us after completing her Bachelor Thesis Research which was a Density Study at Clare Design here on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

The density study was looking at more locally suitable housing solutions to support increased density in an environmentally responsive manner therefore preserving local identity and maintaining and increasing public and private amenity.

During the study, Roxy had the opportunity to work with clients facing relevant issues regarding development, communication, climate change, extreme weather and sustainability through researching, redeveloping, management and innovating. The main subject of the (re-)development differed for each project, ensuring all technical aspects of environmental engineering were addressed.

Roxy will be working on thermal and building performance optimisation, aquatic centre reports and energy assessments of specific sites. To request an energy assessment and/or an optimisation consult of your building, call SmartConsult on 1300 344 388 or click here to contact us today.

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