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energy audit for business An energy audit is carried our by our in-house environmental engineer and is a thorough review of the energy consumption of your business and provides analysis of where energy can be saved for greater energy efficiency and cost saving opportunities.

An energy audit is an initial step towards economic and environmental sustainability in your business or organisation. An energy audit allows a business or government entity to deepen their understanding of energy usage and energy efficiency and provide detailed guidance on options available to increase the efficiency of a business and its premises. An energy audit is useful not just for energy and cost savings it assists with decision making particularly investment in renewables and other equipment such as that which operates heating and cooling.

At SmartConsult our Energy Audits look at electrical as well as thermal energy savings and we have a variety of types of energy audits to suit the needs of an organisation.

Initial consultation

At SmartConsult we offer a complimentary initial consultation to discuss energy audits. This takes the form of a discussion with our consulting team to assess your situation and needs and we will then recommend what type of assessment would be of most benefit to you.   

Type 1 Energy Audits 

Our type 1 energy audit includes an assessment of your facilities providing a review of energy use and energy saving opportunities. It is useful as a first step investigation into cost-effective energy saving opportunities and in some cases energy savings can be instant.

Type 2 Energy Audits 

Our type 2 energy audit provides a more detailed assessment of the pattern of energy usage and it provides greater depth of detail of energy saving and energy cost analysis.

The type 2 energy audit is a report that goes deeper into cost benefit analysis, providing a detailed assessment and data to support suggested strategies such as energy efficient technology i.e. renewables.

A Type 3 Energy Audits

A type 3 energy audit provides even more detail and a precise measurement of energy usage and costs. This type of audit involves a stricter requirement for data accuracy and typically includes sub-metering of plant and equipment over a certain period of time i.e. 12 months.

A type 3 energy audit is extremely thorough, and this type of energy audit can take quite some time. A type 3 energy audit might take up to 12 months to complete the report. This will depend on the size of the business and scope of work that is required.

To read more about our energy audits click here. To discuss an energy audit for your organisation complete the call back form below or call us on 1300 344 388.

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