Community Resilience Review

resilience auditHow prepared are we for a non-violent social crisis? Planning and preparation are key to ensuring we are able to cope with any radical changes in our community especially in Australia as we are more susceptible for natural disasters. Community resilience is critical in minimising the effect of these disasters and contributes to a quicker and more effective response.

Part of the preparation efforts is the carrying out a full review of a community area in order to identify weaknesses and opportunities for resilience preparation.

At SmartConsult we can carry out a community resilience audit providing local council with insights into development opportunities to increase livability and community safety in the event of a crisis.

The two major things impacting our communities are climate change and increased population density.

Climate change

Our area audit looks at how climate change is likely to impact an area and we will carry out a full risk assessment / resilience review including a review of building safety in the community area including a geographic review of large-scale buildings.

Density increase

There are pressures on development to occur or to be stimulated due to an increase in population density. We will look at density projection and how this may impact community resilience.

Being prepared before a disaster hits involves an independent resilience review to help raise awareness of where the weak points are so they can be addressed prior to a disaster or management can be developed for specific weaknesses in a cities Community Emergency Resilience Plan with the aim to empower communities.

The plan looks at resilience focus areas for community, Council, partner agencies and emergency management organisations in the municipality, to improve how individuals and communities prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies.

Federal and state government emergency management of this plan include:

  • Community resilience framework for emergency management
  • Resilience strategy + framework
  • Disaster resilience and safety
  • Public health and wellbeing plan

To discuss a community resilience audit for your town or city, complete the call back form below or call us on 1300 344 388.

In addition to auditing, we also offer energy consulting for councils and businesses and reports can be tailored to suit a specific requirement.

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