Why Transitioning From Gas is not a Plug-in Plug-out Solution

transitioning from gas Making the switch away from gas is no doubt a positive one in many ways. Transitioning from gas will leave you with a much more energy efficient system, reducing energy consumption and saving you a lot of money on energy bills. Then there is the green factor,  as your new system will ultimately be more environmentally friendly and future proof. 

What our SmartConsult team will point out, is that a transition is not a straightforward one. As the solution is not a plug-in plug-out one, we urge people to prepare for the unexpected.

The costs involved in transitioning from gas will most likely exceed the cost of individual heat pumps. Your project site may require a number of heat pumps depending on the size and requirements of the site. 

Other costs will need to be considered and these can be vastly variable as every solution needs to be tailored. Existing infrastructures need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Your infrastructure for transitioning from gas may need to be radically adapted or replaced. For example, your pipelines may need to bigger, or you may require a heat exchanger. These things may greatly affect the cost of installation. 

Understanding the transition from various perspectives and appreciating the requirements and design directions by all involved parties is an important enabler of integrated design and it is most certainly worth the review. The capital cost involved might seem high at first, but when you take a closer look at the numbers, you can see the advantages and payback over time especially with a transition being inevitable. 

Aquatic centres are high energy use buildings that are typically not very well understood by designers and engineers and the energy productivity potential for a transition away from gas is huge.

Australian aquatic centres lag behind European designs in efficiency and longevity due to design flaws and councils are left with considerably high running costs as a result.

Using the most effective tools in the business, at SmartConsult we can help with the transition from gas. We will show you how much your business can save on energy costs including projected cash flow and payback, without any obligation to invest .

At SmartConsult, we specialise in commercial solar and energy solutions for business owners across all industries as well as work with local councils and state government. Our recommendations not only save energy, they save a lot of money. Click here to contact us or call 1300 344 388 to speak with one of our qualified consultants today.

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