Where Energy Retailers Fall Flat With Solar For Business

dog fall flat solar for businessWith the big energy retailers pushing  solar for business, fiercely competing on price and undercutting smaller specialist renewable commercial solar companies, there are areas where they can’t compete with an important one being service. Proof that small business can do it better, especially when customers are more than just a number.  

The importance of an on-site assessment

The large energy retailers have been pumping out desktop quotations without conducting a site visit. This approach can result in a number of price variations to the original price quoted for a commercial solar project. With site visits being carried out only after the client has signed up, the original quote doesn’t show the level of detail that is required, nor is it a fixed price and could be subject to change. 

At SmartConsult, we believe it’s extremely important for every specific site to be assessed fully before a detailed proposal can be put forward. This way a proposal can be accurately prepared with correct projections of energy savings and financial modelling. This ensure there are no hidden costs or nasty shocks. It is important not to be fooled by the price. If a site visit hasn’t been carried out, this price may be highly subject to change.  

Transparency and integrity

Not only should a commercial solar proposal provide accurate information, the information provided should be transparent with all the benefits to the retailer.

Don’t just be driven by price

Price isn’t always an indicator of return on investment, in fact we know it’s not. Again, try to refrain from being fooled by an indicative quote, and especially, if the transparency isn’t there.

After sales support

What can you expect after your commercial solar installation with an energy retailer? If you have any concerns and you might need to make a call. The first leg of the call might be with a computer for the first 30 minutes, then the next leg of the call could be with an inexperienced person who logs the call and puts it through to another department who may or may not be available to take the call. You might even experience a call drop out – sound familiar?

Issues with a commercial solar installation might include communications drop out and monitoring and inverter programming. A lot of which can be resolved over the phone if you are speaking directly to the right person.

At SmartConsult, our post installation service beats any energy retailer. Our project managers are available 24/7 for any trouble shooting and we will have an installer out there within 24 hours if need be. We will also provide references upon request. For a free renewable energy assessment complete the call back form below or call 1300 344 388 or click here to contact us.

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