Vertex S Solar Panels Launch

Vertex S Solar PanelsNew high-efficiency technologically advanced and reliable solar panel, the Vertex S, is coming soon to SmartConsult and they will be ideal for Australian conditions further supporting the country’s growing rooftop solar market.

Brought to you by Trina Solar, the global leader in integrated PV modules and smart energy solutions, the Vertex S solar panel has a higher power density Vertex panels used in utility-scale projects, will be available from April 2021.

These new Vertex S panels will be smaller and lighter, perfect for rooftop installation, weighing in at 21-kilograms and measuring in at 1.75-metres long and 1.09-metres wide.

Govind Kant, senior country sales manager at Trina Solar said; “We have a 400W Vertex S module, a power output that maximizes the amount of Federal subsidies you qualify for”.

“The Federal subsidies are for solar systems up to 100kW.” A 100kW system comprises of 250 panels at 400W each. “The typical residential system is 6.6kW, so we have a 390W Vertex S panel available,” Kant explained.

With a maximum power efficiency of 21.1% thanks to new technologies including larger size wafers which are 210mm in diameter, Trina Solar’s Vertex series also utilises new packing technologies minimising the space between each cell, further improving efficiency.

“There was unprecedented growth in the residential market,” said Kant. “More people were staying and working at home, so they were using more electricity.

Australians really felt the impact of higher electricity prices and responded by opting to install rooftop solar to mitigate that.

“The trend in Australia is that consumers are opting for more powerful systems, so we believe Vertex S will be very popular as it offers a higher power density,” Kant added.

The Vertex S is designed to be used in very hot and humid conditions and has also been rated for snow load of 6,000 pascals and wind load rated for 4,000 pascals. They will be great for our Australian clients. For a commercial solar quotation click here to contact us.  

To read more about the Vertex S solar Panels by Trina Solar click here.

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