Urban heating and cooling systems

poly source solutionsHeating and cooling an entire city, sounds like it might be an expensive and arduous task that requires a huge amount of energy whatever the season, but not if it is powered and controlled by an integrated system that is extremely energy efficient.

By combining both heating and cooling into one system, efficiencies can be improved and CO2 emissions reduced when a district is powered by a centralised urban heating and cooling system. These solutions for cooling and heating large areas reduces the demand for power and other fuels, offering sustainability and it is cost-effective which is why it is being rolled out successfully all over the world.

Instead of each building having its own heating or cooling system, there are  economies of scale using a centralised system stabilising loads and reducing costs.

Designing an integrated energy system, which is also known as a poly source energy system, begins with a proper investigation into how to reduce energy demand in the first place. Starting with a thorough review of interval data from a recent energy bill is where one would begin as it helps to identify options for  systems that can produce very high efficiencies.

Integrating and controlling different energy sources into one system may include heat pumps cooling and heating, domestic hot water, thermal Storage, solar PV, solar PVT and secondary heat source harvesting

Every site is different and the way in which the energy is used and sourced, including how much and when and its current infrastructure will all help to determine the opportunities.

A poly source system suits building structures such as aquatic centres, commercial buildings, data centres together with commercial laundries as well as data centres together with surf parks. Then there are also cold stores, large industrial sheds that require cooling and food processing plants. The application may also work well for an ice-skating rink or a brewery.

A building application can also run a poly source system separately using a different balance of equipment. To find out if a poly source solution is suitable for your building or centre contact SmartConsult for a consultation.  

At Smartconsult our key focus is saving our clients money, improving energy efficiency and helping businesses and governments switch over to using renewable energy, natural refrigerants and move away from gas.

While we have completed a number of poly source reports for various sites, every site is assessed on a case by case basis to see how energy efficiency of heat pumps can be improved as well as how to combine heating and cooling into an integrated system.  Click here to view our Aquatic Centre reports or to discuss a solution call 1300 344 388 or click here to contact us.

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