Due Diligence & Property Investigations

Contact SmartConsult for a free discussion about your project or property development. We will provide you with a no obligation proposal for either of the following services:

  • Modelling and detailed financial analysis and ROI figures
  • Regulatory advice and compliance
  • Technical advice and planning
  • Electrical engineering requirements and design
  • Tender management
  • Assessing design and project scope

Our core focus is reducing our client’s energy and infrastructure costs by recommending and implementing tailored strategies/solutions for all sizes of business and government entities. Our core values are geared towards a sustainable future with a passion for renewable energy and integrated energy reduction technologies.

Development Application Management

Building upon consultation and coordination, SmartConsult can prepare, lodge and manage development applications for a variety of land uses and subdivision for residential, commercial, retail or mixed-use purposes. SmartConsult can liaise and negotiate with State and Local Governments to achieve the best possible development outcome.


Project Consultation & Coordination

SmartConsult liaise with leading architects, surveyors, engineers and specialists to determine the best possible land use and development outcomes for properties based on legislative requirements and site-based constraints. 

With a depth of town planning knowledge and industry connections, SmartConsult can coordinate multiple consultants and stakeholders and determine the best development strategy and solutions to suit your site in preparation for the lodgement of a development application. This includes the preparation for and attendance of pre-lodgement meetings with local Council’s to negotiate development and land uses.

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