Sizing your Solar System

This week we had a customer who wanted to fill up his roof with solar- but was that the best option to suit his need. The roof space available to the client could fit a system of about 200kw which would give him a return on investment based on his consumption profile. A better fit for his business was a system around 100kw. The problem is that the larger system will be exporting too much electricity, and that creates a lot of headaches.

Where do we start to work this out?

We need the interval data for the business and the current consumption profile which gives us a good estimate of what the power usage will be in the future. Discussions with the client revealed that they have plans to expand the business in 3-5 years. This is critical as we can plan to install 100kw now and ensure that the configuration of the system allows for additional capacity to be added down the track. By keeping the installed capacity close to the expected usage, we can better allocate capital and get a better return on the solar system that is installed.

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