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caas cooling as a service With the CAAS Global E-Summit coming up in a matter of weeks, we thought we would take the opportunity to talk a bit more about Cooling As A Service (CAAS). Not many people are aware or the incredible benefits this service offers OR that it’s even available in Australia right now.

What is CAAS?

Cooling As a Service is paying ONLY for what cooling is used. There is nothing to pay for up-front for the cooling equipment and there is nothing to pay ongoing, except for a fixed cost per unit of what is used which is largely based on what you are currently paying for your energy. 

With some CAAS agreements there may also be the opportunity to lease refrigeration equipment on a lease to own basis.

Normally, the infrastructure costs involved in setting up a cooling system can be large especially for a site like a distribution centre, but with CAAS there is no infrastructure cost, no energy bill, no maintenance costs and absolutely no hassle in managing the equipment.

How does CAAS work?

The customer receives cooling based on a fixed cost per unit. This means the customer can avoid a huge capital cost of around $1 million dollars in many cases. The cooling equipment arrives on site and all you have to do it sign for it – there is nothing to pay for up front.

The equipment is installed and it’s yours to use straight away. Not only is there nothing to pay for up front, if the compressor breaks down one day and needs to be replaced, the customer doesn’t need to worry about it. The CAAS service provider looks after all the ongoing maintenance costs.

Who would benefit from CAAS?

If you are building a new site for example, a new high rise or a refrigerated warehouse, or your cooling equipment is coming to the end of its life cycle, CAAS is a great option.

With the HFC phase down, if your equipment is out of date and uses harmful refrigerants with a high GWP, you will HAVE to upgrade your equipment at some point. By signing up for CAAS you can take the pain out of equipment upgrades. By locking into a fixed cost per unit you can avoid increasing electricity costs too.

To find out more about CAAS, click here to contact us today. At SmartConsult, we also offer heating as a service (HAAS) or Heating And Cooling As a Service (CHAAS) and can help design the best possible heating and cooling solution for your business. To register for the CAAS Global E-Summit taking place on 1st December 2020 click here.

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