Hot And Cold Like Chaas The Drink

chas=as cooling heating as a service When cooling can be used for heating and heating is used for cooling, it’s win-win.

Just like chaas the exotic drink, a combination of ice and chilli amongst other things, it will cool you down on a hot day. The consumption of chaas, a drink originating from India, has cultural resonances and associations which are not found in the context of other beverages like tea, coffee or lassi. Made with yoghurt and seasoned with an array of spices such as cumin and ginger, it’s certainly unique and it is also said to be beneficial for the gut.

So, lets compare the hot body to a building like an aquatic centre, which like the human body, typically has both heating and cooling requirements. Notoriously, an aquatic centre uses a lot of energy to heat the pool and cool the building. The energy costs involved including gas and electricity can be huge.

Not only do aquatic centres need to move away from using gas due to the HFC phase down, there is a great need to make aquatic centres more energy efficient overall. An integrated solution like replacing gas boilers with heat pumps that do the job of both heating and cooling can make a huge difference to reducing carbon emissions. Instead of generating heat, a heat pump, pumps the heat and has a higher COP. High performance glazing as well as fabric insulation can also make a huge difference. The building can run at high humidity without condensation issues and reduced evaporation of the pool water.

Cooling can be used for heating i.e. heating of the pool, domestic hot water for showers, building heating and thermal storage.

So, what’s the problem?

Replacing equipment can be costly, preventing aquatic centres from taking the giant green step, they ultimately need to take.

Is there a solution?

Of course there is; CHAAS. No, not the drinking kind. CHAAS stands for cooling and heating as a service and SmartConsult are now accepting expressions of interest for the service. Clients pay as they go for their heating and cooling. There is nothing to pay up-front, there are no maintenance costs and hey presto – a smaller carbon footprint without the risk. Designed to suit your operations, it will be built, delivered and installed so it’s ready to use! To enquire about CHAAS call 1300 344 388 or  click here to contact us today. 

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