High Energy User Funding Available

high user energy fundingAre you a big energy consumer? If your business needs a lot or power to run it may mean your operational costs are sky high.

With a proper review and analysis of your operational infrastructure, you may be pleasantly surprised at what huge difference can be made even with subtle changes to the set up and these cost savings might seriously improve your bottom line over the course of the year. 

What you are using and paying for today is likely to change over time. The cost of energy will be different as we head into the future towards net zero emissions. Future increasing costs is not good news for business especially if you haven’t already switched over to using renewable energy like solar PV.

However, there is some good news. There is a High Energy Using Business Grant as part of The Energy Efficient Communities Program providing businesses with grants of up to $25,000 to improve their energy efficiency. This grant opportunity is for businesses with an annual net energy consumption of more than 0.05 PJ per year.

The objective of the grant is to support high energy users to replace their existing equipment or components of their equipment to make it more energy efficient. The grant can also be used to fund an energy audit or a feasibility study for energy upgrades.

There is an estimated $14.8 million up for grabs. Even if you are not eligible for the grant or are not awarded with one, at SmartConsult we can assist you will an energy efficient solution for your business. With interval data analysis we may be able to help you reduce your bill and help your business run more efficiently straight away.

As well as consulting, we offer commercial solar design and installation and feasibility studies for renewable energy and heat pumps.

We also specialise in hybrid solar, generator, grid and battery systems integration, thermal storage design and control systems, microgrid design and analysis power factor correction system sizing network tariff analysis and advanced heat pump and ancillary products analysis and comparison on new and existing buildings.

Our recommendations for business owners across all industries, local councils and state government not only save energy, they also save money and your investment is likely be cash flow positive a lot sooner than you think. With our smart data models, we can tell you exactly when that projected payback will be. To find out more, call us now on 1300 344 388 or click here to contact us. 

Applications for the grant close on September 18th. To read more about the grant click here.

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