Getting busy at ATMOsphere 2019

What was ATMOsphere 2019 all about?

Heating and cooling in Australia accounts for around 25% of our total energy budget. So it is a big deal if we can reduce emissions from this sector by making equipment more efficient and designing buildings around these new systems. ATMOsphere 2019 was a meeting place for anyone interested in Natural Refrigerants (NatRef) and if you are late to the party, we are talking about NH3 and CO2.

Speakers gave presentations on new equipment, new systems and new standards that are being applied in this industry and this was relevant to the work that we have been doing on our Integrated Energy System with Scantec for aquatic centres. Stefan and Nis Jensen both presented in forums.

ATMOsphere was well attended 

Derek introduces Integrated Energy Systems for aquatic centres

Stefan and Nis Jensen from Scantec, the Platinum sponsor

A good chance to speak to the horses mouth

Luke and Derek had the chance to catch up with some key players in the industry and hear what they had to say. In every State of Australia there are businesses working hard to incorporate NatRef into new and existing systems. We met Dr Michael Riese from Cold Logic in South Australia who is at the forefront of refrigeration in that State. At present they are involved with the new submarine project with the Defense Department. We also spent time with Jonathan Duverge from Northern Environmental Design. He has developed a metric tool for Aquatic Centres to measure their performance and provide a benchmark for these centres.

Shecco did a great job organising the event and they have complete summary of the conference here.

Shecco is encouraging schools and councils to get involved with these events as they are a great way to gather more information without a consultant’s fees and get up to speed. Attendance is free for these groups and from our experience, it is well worth your time to attend.

Alan Pears AM-Senior Industry Fellow RMIT, Dario Ferlin-Woolworths and Jonathan Duverge-Northern Environmental Design

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