Fresh In. First Batch of Residential Solar Batteries

Residential solar batteriesAt SmartConsult, we have received our very first batch of residential solar batteries.  These BYD Battery Box LV solutions have been hand-selected by our team as they are smart, flexible (from 3.5 to 42kWh) and expandable.

These award-winning batteries manufactured by the world’s largest electric vehicle supplier, are a perfect source of backup power for houses of all sizes. As a modular design with maximum flexibility and easy installation and with 1 and 3 phase systems, lithium iron phosphate battery: maximum safety, cycle life and performance and IP55 rated they come highly recommended.

Instead of purchasing energy from the grid at night, these high performing batteries store excess solar energy not used during the day, so it can be used at night or if there is ever a blackout.

residential solar batteriesAvailable on a first come first serve basis, these batteries will not last. To place an order or make an enquiry call SmartConsult on 1300 344 388 or click here to arrange a call back.

These BYD Batteries show the highest levels of reliability and a long life and they come with a 10-year performance warranty. They have a 4-9 battery module in series working voltage range:256~460Vdc, 1.28 kWh per module and 5.1kWh-11.5kWh/ Stack. Batteries are certified according to international standards including TUV, UL, CE and RCM.

The battery box premium HVS/HVM is capable of high-powered efficiency back up and off grid functionality thanks to real high voltage series connection. The patented modular plug design requires no internal wiring and allows for maximum flexibility and ease of use. They are made to the highest safety standards like VDE 2510-50.

With its innovation and reliability, BYD and the battery box get a huge thumbs up by SmartConsult. They have also won awards for UPPD seal for top brand for storage and the innovation award of PV Magazine for Battery Box HV.

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