Finally, Battery Storage At The Right Price

CHEAP BATTERY STORAGE ZINC 8At last an affordable solution for renewable energy battery storage is here with a Zinc-Air Regenerative Fuel Cell System brought to us by Canadian company, Zinc 8. This flow battery is the lowest cost of storage in the market for long-duration applications so when energy is used at night, it doesn’t have to be purchased from the grid. This solution resolves intermittent and unpredictable nature of renewable energy sources while completely decoupling the linkage between power and energy.

At SmartConsult, we have officially agreed to explore joint-venture projects concerning the deployment of Zinc8 Energy Solutions patented Zinc-Air Energy Storage System. Our main focus for Zinc8’s Zinc-Air Energy Storage System is applications at aquatic centres, remote mines and behind-the-meter applications across Australia.

President and CEO of Zinc8 Energy Solutions Ron Macdonald said; “Australia is one of the world’s leading countries on moving to complete elimination of greenhouse gas (“GHG”) producing power generation, through the rapid integration of renewables and energy storage. SmartConsult, as an Australian industry leader in renewable energy projects, is the ideal company to work with to deploy Zinc8’s long duration storage system to this rapidly developing market”. 

In recent years, Australia and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency ‘ARENA’ have been setting more aggressive renewable energy and energy storage targets with significant funding support for 543 projects to date and a total of $1.58 Billion AUD invested to expand the development and deployment of GHG reducing energy projects.

Our Principal Consultant Luke Hardy said; “We are very excited to collaborate with Zinc8 in Australia, we have been looking for a battery solution that does not have the inherent issues that surround existing battery types with uncertain cycle life and limited longevity. The Zinc8 solution will be ideal for our large-scale industrial customers.” To read the original Zinc 8 press release in full click here. To read more about Zinc 8 click here to visit their website. 

To discuss a Zinc 8 Battery solution for your commercial or industrial site call SmartConsult on 1300 388 344 or click here to contact us today.

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