Commercial Solar – Take 5 Important Steps

Diving into commercial solar blindly it not something we recommend here at SmartConsult. Knowing your budget and being aware of your energy usage is essential for a commercial solar provider to estimate the short and long-term cash positive benefits once commercial solar has been installed.

With commercial solar, there are a wide variety of options available and knowing which options are the best for your business will very much depend on how your business operates.

While a lot of businesses may think, I’ll just get three quotes and then make a decision, it really makes a lot more sense to take the following 5 steps.

Step 1. Get The Right Advice

Commercial solar dive inEngaging an expert energy consultant will help determine the best possible solution for your business that will maximise energy efficiency and cost benefits. Luckily at SmartConsult we provide a free assessment and a commercial solar proposal. With our expertise and experience, you can guarantee our assessment will be thorough.

All we need to begin the process is a copy of a recent bill and a signed LOA click here to download. If necessary, a member of our SmartConsult team will conduct a preliminary site inspection and assessment of your roof and electrical system and transformer location.

Step 2. Energy Consumption Analysis

As part of our assessment we will review your business and where you are now in terms of energy consumption i.e. A proper review of your Interval Data and Consumption will help us determine how your business uses energy and when your business uses energy.

The comprehensive energy analysis helps us find out if your equipment could be running more efficiently and more smoothly and we can suggest equipment that can provide that desired balance.

Step 3. Conduct A Tariff Review

Many Australian businesses are on the wrong network tariff and are paying too much. We will review your retail tariffs and HV Network tariffs and see where we can negotiate for immediate savings. We will look at meters and possible consolidations as well as Power-factor correction and voltage optimisation.

We can facilitate the cheapest possible rates and incentives available for our customers today and for years to come. These are rates that members of the general public do not have access to.

Step 4. Review of Feasibility

At SmartConsult we will give you a detailed feasibility report and cost-benefit analysis specific to you with a range of options showing you the savings available right now to see what would suit you best.

Step 5. Make A Decision

business solarThere are too many good reasons to move your business over to a Hybrid Grid and Solar System. Sometimes in Victoria and SA, if your load is particularly peaky, then it may pay to cap your demand using generators or batteries. Primarily, a solar system will save money for your business.

Government incentives can help towards costs and your business will benefit financially as soon as the solar system is installed on your roof. As well as improving energy efficiencies and saving on energy costs, there are also benefits to the environment and you will reduce your business carbon footprint as well as avoid any future taxes on energy with a high GWP (Global Warming Potential) i.e. a carbon tax.

For a free commercial assessment and proposal click here to contact us or call us on 1300 344 388. At SmartConsult we are passionate about data and delivering the best possible energy solutions for your business.

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