Businesses Pay Too Much For Energy

interval data analysisAre you one of the many Australian businesses paying too much for your electricity? Did you know you could reduce energy costs and be cash flow positive sooner than you think, vastly improving your bottom line?

Using the most effective tools in the business, our free initial assessment will show you how much your business can save on energy costs including projected cash flow and payback, without any obligation to invest. With nothing to lose and the possibility you may save your business a small fortune – it really is a no brainer.

At SmartConsult we believe interval data analysis is a fundamental first step in determining what energy reduction solution is best suited to your operations, and more critically, how much money can be saved.

Modelling can be highly accurate if the input data is are also accurate. A standard bill shows how much electricity in kWh was used over a month – but at what time was this power used and how much? How can solar production savings, or tariff reconfiguration savings, or power factor correction savings, be trusted without first knowing the exact consumption pattern of grid consumption?  

Accurate electricity data analysis is key to all successful projects. At SmartConsult, we have built in-house custom, proprietary programs that enable us to properly process and analyse all the various types of interval data file formats provided by energy retailers. When it comes to interval data analysis – we guarantee our results.

To request a free assessment, all you need to do is complete a letter of authority form. This form allows SmartConsult to request data from your energy retailer so we can analyse and present you with cost saving recommendations. Click here to complete the form online and find out how much you can save. 

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