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Benefits Of Partnership 

Become a Partner with SmartConsult and reap the benefits as a partner or installer.

At SmartConsult we assist our partners and help them to achieve their individual goals providing support and expertise in commercial solar, poly source solutions, interval data analysis, tariff reconfiguration and power factor correction.

Our national partnership program enables installers, solution partners and reseller partners to extend their reach in an ever-growing market.

We already work in partnership with a number of engineers, installers and suppliers partnering under a profit share or pay per lead model. Become a SmartConsult Partner Installer, Solution Partner or a Reseller today. We look forward to partnering with you. Click here to express your interest by completing the callback form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a proposal. 

Become a Partner

How SmartConsult Can Support You

  • Complete custom proposal branded with your company logo (leads covered under an NDA)
  • Billing and Interval Data Analysis
  • Production Modelling Reports
  • Roof layouts to scale
  • Electrical engineer design and drawings
  • Structural and electrical engineer certifications (All States)
  • Assistance with closing deals or providing technical support
  • Grid applications and all documentation
  • Cash flow the deal for you and purchase all product (use our economies of scale)
  • Wealth of knowledge to assist with designing and developing custom solutions
  • We will project manage in coordination with the installer
  • We will take care of all administration
  • We will look after STC and LGC Rebate Process
  • We can arrange finance packages with one of the big 4 banks
  • Custom operations and maintenance manual for every project
  • Online monitoring configuration and monthly system checks
  • Troubleshooting support and remote diagnostics
  • Or, install for us at industry leading rates per watt
  • Coming soon: Tools
Become a SmartConsult Partner
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