5 Things To Know About Energy Assessments

Energy AssessmentsWhen you hear the words ‘energy assessment’ what springs to mind? Energy saving perhaps or energy review, if that’s what you are thinking, then you’re not far too off the mark.

Alternatively, you might immediately think along the lines of expensive auditing or that there’s some fly by night energy consultant trying to lure you in with their click bait?

Or do you think, what exactly is an energy assessment? Is it an assessment for solar PV or is it a gimmick for a full-blown consulting package?  

Whatever your view on what an energy assessment is, we have put together five key things you may not know about energy assessments, to clarify their relevance to every business of any size.

1. An energy assessment reviews your expenditure

An energy assessment identifies opportunities for cost-savings. With an energy assessment it can be quickly established if you are paying too much for your business energy.

An energy assessment will provide a quick glance to determine whether or not you are paying too much for either electricity or gas. So many Australian businesses are paying too much for their energy and they haven’t got the faintest clue.  Every quarter they pay the bill and think nothing of it. If they did give it a second thought, they might just save a small fortune.

2. An energy assessment identifies energy reduction and cost saving strategies

An energy assessment can identify energy reduction and cost saving strategies and many of these strategies don’t not cost your business a thing!

3. An energy assessment identifies opportunities for infrastructure changes

An energy assessment will identify the opportunities for infrastructure changes that might make a huge difference to energy consumption. By optimizing existing equipment so it performs more energy efficiently you can often save a lot of energy.  

4. An energy assessment produces accurate data models

Our energy assessments provide highly accurate modelling if the input data is correct. A standard bill shows how much electricity in kWh was used over a month – but at what time was this power used and how much? How can data of savings, be trusted without first knowing the exact consumption pattern of grid consumption?

5. An energy assessment is completely free

Using the most effective tools in the business, our free initial energy assessment will show you how much your business can save on energy costs including projected cash flow and payback, without any obligation to sign up for anything. You have absolutely nothing to lose and may save your business a lot of money! Get a free assessment today by calling 1300 344 388 or click here to contact us.

At SmartConsult, we specialise in commercial solar and energy solutions for business owners across all industries as well as work with local councils and state government. Our recommendations not only save energy, they save a lot of money too.

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