100% Safety Record On Solar Installations

commercial solar panels and solar for business,solar safetyWith a fall in the number of unsafe systems for rooftop solar as published in the latest report by the Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator, it shows that industry standards have improved, demonstrating increased protection for installers and consumers.

Data in the report shows the proportion of unsafe and potentially unsafe PV systems actually fell from 5.5 per cent for 2014 installations (0.7% unsafe and 4.8% potentially unsafe) down to 1.7 per cent of inspections in 2018 (0.7% unsafe, 1% potentially unsafe) which is s positive step in the right direction.

Kane Thornton, chief of the Clean Energy Council, Australia made a statement yesterday saying that;

“More than one in five Australian households have solar on their roofs, and what this report tells us is that the vast majority of these systems are installed safely and in line with the industry guidelines set out by the Clean Energy Council’s Solar Accreditation program,” he also stated that industry could not become complacent.

At SmartConsult, we would also like to see more businesses moving over to using renewable energy in their operations.

As energy solution providers and system installers, we have a 100% safety record across all our installations in QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, TAS, NT and ACT. We only use the very best quality isolators, equipment, and solar product to ensure longevity, performance and safety. Our installation teams are ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO4801, CEC accredited Master Electricians. Safety and system performance are our priorities and we guarantee cashflow positive returns from the systems we install.

Not only that, at SmartConsult, we also offer a 10-year guarantee on our data (subject to terms and conditions). The data we generate uses the most advanced analytical programs and simulators available within the industry: other energy vendors are unable to provide tailored cash flow positive solutions that can be trusted.

As specialists in data analysis, we are able to provide businesses and government entities with significant energy efficiency solutions for their commercial solar to save the most energy and save the most money.

For a complimentary energy review and a commercial solar assessment and proposal for your business click here to contact us today. To read the original article at One Step Off The Grid click here

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