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Process Re-engineering

Process Redesign

Standard Operating Procedures

Redesigning processes and procedures effectively lowers cost structures, maximizes productivity, and eventually, enhances profit margins and the all-important bottom line.  Our process redesign methodology focuses on rapidly implementing to-be models that are validated by all key constituencies.  The redesign will involve:

  • Identify the players and timeframes

  • Determine the existing processes and their sources of inefficiency

  • Develop the optimum process while maximizing efficiency at every step

  • Validation of the redesigned process based on the organizations' existing infrastructure and capabilities 

  • Make necessary recommendations to accommodate the new process

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and SOP manuals help to formalize consistent application of enhanced processes and procedures.  SOP’s also help to minimize training and development costs associated with rolling out and consistently implementing reengineered process flows.

The Standard Operating Procedures manual provides a detailed process flow as well as the following items for every step:

  • Description of the step

  • Timeframe for completing the associated tasks

  • Players who are responsible for performing the tasks or who need to sign off on the deliverables

  • Any systems or databases that are used or updated at the corresponding step

Risk Analysis

Risk and mitigation analysis will be conducted for a new initiative or an existing business entity through identifying operational, financial, and legal risks.


The team will also develop and install monitoring and internal audit processes to manage the identified risks.