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Information Technology

Business Requirements

Workflow Management

Systems development costs and the required resources can heavily depend on how detailed, thorough, and well organized the Business Requirements document is.  Such document needs to very clearly lay out the following:
  • Any automation or data manipulation needs of a new business initiative.
  • The required functionality of a new or modified system.
  • Full list of all potential users.
  • A comprehensive set of all potential scenarios.
    The operational implications of the required system.

Effective implementation of a cross-functional business process often necessitates an Intranet-based workflow tracking system that can provide the following functionality:

  • Process Automation to notify each functional area of the completion of a previous step and the need for the department to take the next step

  • Process tracking which allows the firm’s management to view the status of each case at a glance

  • Creating a master calendar of main tasks

  • Central Repository for all electronic documents used in each major stage of the process.

  • MIS reports indicating the flow of new cases in the pipeline, the timeliness of each department in completing their steps, the potential bottlenecks, and the current load of activities firm-wide or by department