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We have a variety of services that we offer depending on the size and capital your business already built. Not only can we help expand your market, we can also help you find new employees to work for you. With the rapid growth you will see because of our services you will need to have some people already in mind or take advantage of our services.


Business  Strategy

Business Planning

Financial Forecasts


Smartcom's principals have diversified backgrounds in strategic management consulting at several large ASX companies, principle investing activities in venture capital, and operational experiences in entrepreneurial ventures. This broad, cross-functional experience allows us to offer our extensive expertise in developing realistic business plans for large corporations and their critical initiatives, as well as smaller companies and their high-growth ventures.  Typical components of business plans include:


  • Executive Summary

  • Vision and Strategy

  • Business Opportunity

  • Market Potentials

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Financial Forecast

  • Technology Requirements

  • Appendices of Supporting Data


Optimizing the allocation of financial resources is absolutely critical to the success of all business initiatives.  Smartcom's financial forecasts most often consist of multiple layers of itemized cost and revenue categories, with underlying assumptions, all rolled up to a summary sheet facilitating calculations of business valuation and/or ROI estimates.  Key highlights of our financial modeling and planning include: 

  • 3-, 5-, or 10-year projections

  • Clear explanation of "assumptions" versus "hard numbers"

  • Sensitivity analysis to demonstrate the changes in profits as a function of fluctuations in the underlying assumptions

  • Full validation of all input numbers based on industry research reports, external and/or internal experts' opinions, and client's internal data




Market analyses have two primary objectives: 

  1. Defining the attractiveness of the market for the products or services that the company offers, and

  2. Understanding the dynamics of the market so that the opportunities as well as the risks can be identified.

Our analysis will include:

  • Market segmentation and the size of each unit as a function of segmentation criteria.

  • Demographical data by market segment.

  • Psychographical data based on available literature or by organizing focus groups.

  • The profit margin that the consumers are willing to pay and the dominance of competitors.

  • Past trends and future projections.

  • Analysis of segments' needs for the client's products or services.

  • Competitive outlook and detailed profiles of other major players in the marketplace.


What company is not ready to take their business to the next level? Everyone is always ready to take that next step, move on to the next project and most importantly make more money!